How We Work

We want everyone that works at Michael Aubrey Partnership to feel as though they are part of a successful team, and that they are respected, appreciated and rewarded for the good work they do. Above all, we want people to enjoy working at Michael Aubrey Partnership; these standards help us all to know what is expected of us.

Michael Aubrey’s Golden Rules

Rule #1          We work a Fair and Full day

This means that time at work is spent productively! Personal stuff needs to be kept to a minimum, this includes taking personal calls, sending texts, checking Facebook or chatting on MSN Messenger…

Rule #2          We’re A Team

We’re all in this together. Being a team means that it is never ‘not my job’.

Rule #3          We’re Proud Of Our Work

Because we take pride in the work we do, we do it as it is intended to be done. No shortcuts, omissions, bodge-jobs or work‑arounds! We will support every employee who does deliver a fair, just, full day of compliant work, by not saddling them with the slack of any bad employees.

Rule #4          We Keep Our Promises

When we say we’ll do something or we’ll get back to someone, we do it. We don’t let people down – colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Rule #5          We’re Positive

It’s not OK to say negative things about the company or any of our customers, or staff. We won’t tolerate – at all – anything or anyone that contributes negative word of mouth.

Rule #6          We Don’t Do Things Slowly

We do them quickly (and efficiently) or not at all. This means that there’ll always be lots going on – and things will change as we adapt and spot new opportunities.

Rule #7          We’re In Business To Make Profit

We’re not here for fun – getting and keeping of profitable customers is the most important thing we do. Creating profit is fundamental to any successful company and the people we value most are the ones who contribute most to profit.

It’s not enough to be busy, as teams and as individuals, we need to ask ourselves ‘what are we busy doing’. If you’re not focusing on profit, you’re doing something wrong… It’s OK for anybody to question anybody else, at any time about what they’re doing and how it contributes to profit.

Rule #8          We Finish Stuff

Our key measures of success and performance will be based around what you got done, not what you are doing. We don’t like activity masquerading as accomplishment – you need to focus on getting things done. Not ‘doing’ or ‘in the pipeline’, but properly done. Finished. Crossed Off. Achieved. Delivered

Rule #9          We Recognise and Reward Good Thinking

We can all find better more efficient ways to do stuff – and we’ve all got a responsibility to speak up and share those thoughts.

Rule #10       We Think Before We Act

Making an honest mistake when you’ve thought something through and did things for the right reasons is fine. In fact it’s encouraged. However, doing something dumb because you didn’t think is unforgivable.

Rule #11       We Don’t Clock-Watch

Working at Michael Aubrey may mean putting in some extra hours – this isn’t ‘face-time’ – we do it because we enjoy working here and we believe in what we’re doing.

Rule #12       We Work Hard, Play Hard and Eat Lunch.

At lunch we get out of the office. Eating at our desks is an exception, not the rule. We all need breaks to work effectively.

Rule #13       We Keep Our Workplace Tidy

Everything should have a home – we don’t let stuff congregate by the sides of desks, under desks, on spare desks

 Rule #14       We Have Fun !

We want to have the chance to get to know each other better (both in work and out of work). We want to encourage regular monthly lunches for everyone in the team and quarterly team “events”.