Wall Removal

Removing A Wall ? You May Need A Beam Designing!

First things first.  We need to find out whether or not the wall you are taking out is “loadbearing”.  Not sure what that means …. read on ….

wall removal

Your ground floor wall may be taking the weight of the floor joists from your bedrooms above, or the weight of another wall built directly above it. It may also be taking part of the weight of the roof, so it’s vital to get it checked out if you aren’t really sure what you are doing or looking for.

The Questions Most People Want The Answer To Are:-

  • Is my wall loadbearing or not?
  • Will I need a steel beam / rsj ?
  • How much will the rsj cost me ?

3 Things To Bear In Mind When Removing A Wall Or Knocking Through:-

  1. A wall that is solid is not necessarily load bearing
  2. A wall that is stud is not necessarily non-load bearing
  3. You will need to apply for Building Regulation approval, which may require structural calculations to make sure the beam is designed to carry the weight on it

How Can We Help You?

We arrange to come to your home and make a structural assessment.  If the wall is loadbearing, then we will take measurements and photos, prepare plans and structural calculations for the new beam.  If the wall is loadbearing then you will require building regulations approval. Steelwork prices will vary depending how large your new opening is.  If it isn’t found to be loadbearing, then you will not require local authority approval to remove the wall.

Can You Submit To The Local Authority On My Behalf?

To save you hassle, we can make the building regulation application to the Local Authority and deal with all their technical questions. This service is included in our fee.

Or if it’s urgent, please give us a call now 0118 962 9666 to see how we can help you.