Chimney Removal

How will removing my chimney affect the rest of my house?

Chimney Stack Removal


Demolishing a chimney sounds a bit daunting!  Don’t worry we can give you some good advice before you decide if you want to go ahead




7 questions that you need to ask yourself before removing your chimney:-

  1. Why do you want to remove it?  Do you think it’s structurally unsafe? do you need more space inside or do you just want to remove it?  Sometimes, if it looks in a bad way, it may be possible to repair rather than demolish the chimney –  repair is often a cheaper option
  2. Is your chimney stack very obvious from the front of your house?  If you remove it, will the character of your house be changed dramatically?
  3. Is the stack part of a pair of chimneys? Would removal of one stack unbalance the symmetry of your house?
  4. Is your home an historic home? The chimney may be a large part of your home’s design. Would removing it take away from its architectural and historic importance?
  5. Normally if you live in a conservation area you will need conservation area consent from the local authority
  6. If you live in a listed building, you will require listed building consent
  7. Finally, for removal of a chimney, you will require building regulations consent, as it is a structural alteration

How Can We Help You?

Perhaps the most common reason our customers call us for advice, is when they want to remove a chimney. We will visit your home, carry out a survey, take measurements and photos and produce plans and structural calculations.  If structural work is required you will need to apply for building regulations approval.  We can save you time and hassle and do this for you.

Why Choose us to Help You?

Removing a chimney is a structural alteration and its removal will have a structural impact on your house.  We have been working with Local Authorities in the area for many years and have a good idea of what they require to be submitted, increasing your chances of approval the first time.

Please give us a call now 0118 962 9666 to see how we can help you