Crack In My Wall

What does it mean for my house?

Firstly don’t panic !

Most cracks in your walls are normal.  They are caused when your building “dries out”  .. this can be up to 2 – 5 years after your building has been completed. But occasionally you might run across an abnormal crack.

We prefer to give you fair, impartial advice … even if it means you don’t instruct us …

Crack In My Wall

Your Buildings Insurer

So before we take this any further, have you contacted your buildings insurer?

Buildings insurers will often carry out a basic assessment free, only charging the excess if the defect is agreed to be structural and covered by the policy.

You may wish to ascertain the problem for yourself, before contacting the insurer, in which case we can help.  This is because you may be concerned about false alarms being logged against the property which may influence future premiums.

You may be asked by your insurer to find a local engineer to undertake an initial assessment, in which case we can help.  We have done this before, leading to successful claims.

Need A Second Opinion ?

Sometimes you may want a second opinion because you are not happy with the assessment made by your insurer.  We have worked in this way before, overturning the initial decision of the insurer and assisting with pursuit of successful claims, including recovery of the fees you pay to us.

Whichever way you wish to proceed, hopefully we can help you

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