Thinking of adding an extension to your home, but not sure where to start?

One of our most popular services is our “feasibility package“. Our designers will visit your home and talk through your ideas with you. They will discuss possible ways for you to create your vision. With our 20 + years of experience of construction design, you can be reassured that you will receive expert, unbiased advice.

Extension design

Extension design

3D image generated using Building Information Modelling

Being Chartered Structural Engineers, we can tell you if your scheme is structurally feasible from the outset, saving you money with abortive design fees. Equally, we will give you advice to maximise the possibility of you achieving planning permission first time.

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It was really useful to have a home visit as a feasibility study to make sure what we were thinking about was practical. It was also really good to have another meeting after the initial designs were produced to refine our requirements – really engaged with us to understand our needs. Also the planning appeal was handled efficiently and we had great confidence in the process.” Mr and Mrs Portsmouth, Finchampstead

What Do I Get With The Feasibility Package?

One of our qualified designers will visit you in your home. They will discuss your ideas and talk through different options – helping you to crystallize your ideas of what you want, and what is feasible.

  • We will talk you through the construction process and what is required at each stage
  • You will receive a “Feasibility Report” which will outline the various options discussed and give you an idea of the costs involved.
  • We will identify risks associated with the various options.
  • We will include a “fee proposal” which will show you how much we will charge for taking your ideas forward to obtain planning approval and building regulations approval.

Up to 100% of Your Feasibility Costs Reimbursed!

For extensions where Planning permission and Building Regulation approvals are required, your feasibility fees will be reimbursed!

  • 50% if you instruct us to obtain planning permission and
  • an additional 50% if we are instructed to obtain building regulations.

So in effect, you will receive the Feasibility Package for FREE!!

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Commercial Design Solutions For Homeowners

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) we “build” your design in a virtual world before any building work commences on your home.

Designing in this way means that you;

  • You can see clearly what your design will look like once it is completed
  • Can be sure the design is right, less chance of costly surprises as the build progresses
  • Makes it easier for you to see the cost impact of design changes.


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