Kevin’s 5 Top Tips for a Successful Building Project

Kevin McCloud and John Staves

  1. Prepare to fail, you fail to prepare. If you really plan, you will save yourself money

  2. Invest wisely on the structure of the building, the insulation, the glazing. This will deliver you a low energy, efficient, comfy home (you can always change bathrooms and kitchens)

  3. Invest money on the things that you touch; handles, taps, light switch and most importantly the bath!

  4. Employ a professional team. People you respect, who share the same view of the world as you do. They understand what you want and are prepared to work that bit extra to give you what you want.

  5. Enjoy it. Try and enjoy the process. But also remember actually the building itself is only a means of delivering somewhere to live. Ultimately buildings are not for building, they are for inhabiting and if you get too hooked on the ride you might forget to finish it!