Site Inspections

Can you keep an eye on the builder for me? I’m out most of the day and want to make sure he is building everything as I want him to…



Site Inspections And Contract Administration

Why oh why would I need help on site?  You would be surprised!

Perhaps the best way to explain site supervision is by way of an example …


“Not Around”

We are designing a beautiful extension for a customer in Tilehurst at the moment.  Our customer works abroad a lot of the time and they want the re-assurance that someone is making sure that the builder is building what had been approved by them and the Local Authority.

We have agreed a set number of inspections at key points of the build.  Our customer has peace of mind that his extension is being built correctly and he has the reassurance that our fees were fixed .. so no costly surprises !

What Is Contract Administration?

Again, perhaps better to give you an example;

You’ve got your drawings. You’re not sure which builder to go to and what’s included in his price? “Contract administration” involves us managing your “contract” (with the builder) to make sure he complies with and fulfills the contract conditions.

How Can We Help You

We do such things as:-

  • Obtain all statutory consents eg planning and building regulations
  • Advise you on the correct building contract to use
  • Go out to tender .. perhaps to 3 different builders of your choice
  • Advise you on the best tender package
  • Draw up your contract with the builder with the appropriate drawings, specifications etc
  • Arrange signing of the contract
  • Attend site to make sure the builder follows the drawings (we normally agree the number of site visits in advance)
  • Take the lead role in progress / contract meetings (where relevant)
  • Issue of Certificates, as and when required under the provisions of the Building Contract. For example contract instructions, certificate of making good defects, certificate of non-compliance, practical completion, end of defects liability period and Final Certificate

Without Doubt

Good contract administration ensures customer satisfaction and minimizes disputes.

Please give us a call now 0118 962 9666 to see how we can help you